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Cybersecurity training and resources for those in the blind, visually impaired, disabled, and military veteran communities.

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Driven by a mission to advance accessibility and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry.

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A complete approach to developing IT skill and understanding.

At Apex Program, a proud division of Novacoast, we're on a mission to empower an untapped workforce in cybersecurity. Our unique training journey is crafted for the blind, visually impaired, disabled, and veterans, enabling a future where diversity strengthens digital security.

With Novacoast's cybersecurity expertise at the helm, we offer a specialized curriculum that leads from in-depth training to industry certifications, and directly to career placement. We're not just teaching IT skills — we're creating pathways for all abilities to join the forefront of cyber defense.

From training to certification to placement—in a role that’s right.


Gain the knowledge and skills to analyze and interpret security data guided by industry best practices and threat intelligence.

Through our hands-on approach, you’ll learn how to identify and investigate security vulnerabilities, recommend preventative measures, and recover from incidents, so you can play a meaningful role on a security operations team.


Take on your cybersecurity career with confidence with the seal of approval of Apex Program and CompTIA—trusted providers of IT education and industry standard certifications

Apex Program prepares you for the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ Certification exams, so you’ll have the credentials to demonstrate your ability to navigate modern cyber threats.


Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, or seeking your next expert hire, Apex Program provides the resources you need to excel.

We take an intentional approach to placement, aligning IT professionals to environments and opportunities where they can leverage their distinctive capabilities to build a rewarding career in cybersecurity.

Hire your next analyst, threat hunter, or support staff with Apex.

Helping students envision what’s professionally possible, grounded in our commitment to providing the knowledge and opportunities they need to realize that potential.

Our commitment to Apex Program students goes beyond foundational cybersecurity education. We provide a path for professional placement for graduating students, actively aligning certified students to hiring opportunities.

We’d love to partner with your organization to help chart that path.
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