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Our Partnerships

At Apex Program, we believe in the power of strategic partnerships to amplify our mission of inclusivity in the cybersecurity industry. Through both non-profit and government collaborations, we join forces with like-minded organizations dedicated to creating opportunities for underrepresented communities, expanding our reach, and securing funding support for our training initiatives.

Nonprofit Partnerships

State Partnerships

Approved State PartnershipsState of Alabama
State of Arizona
State of California
State of Colorado
State of Indiana
State of Kansas
State of Kentucky
State of Michigan
State of Minnesota
State of Ohio
State of Pennsylvania
State of South Carolina
State of Virginia
State of Washington

Upcoming PartnershipsState of Arizona
State of Florida
State of Iowa
State of Mississippi
State of New York
State of North Carolina
State of Oklahoma
State of Oregon
State of South Carolina
State of Tennessee  
State of Wisconsin